Phase 2

Mapping a Social Problem

Understanding the Diagram

Charting the ecological model of drinking pattern behavior.

Drinking Patterns Diagram

This schematic illustrates some relationships between motivations to drink and socioeconomic constraints on drinking, drinking patterns and routine activities related to drinking and associated consequences. Constraints and motivations influence drinking patterns, which in turn influence the relationship between routine activities related to drinking and acute and long-term consequences of drinking. Acute consequences of drinking can reciprocally influence patterns of drinking.

What does this graphic invite you to think about, in terms of potential solutions? What factors are helping to maintain the problem in Riverton? If there are few socioeconomic constraints on drinking, then drinking patterns are likely to develop that have acute consequences. Should we increase the the cost of drinking?

Conduct some research and review the information in the "Risk & Protective Factors" document. What are some potential solutions?

Source: Gruenewald, P. J., et al. Alcohol availability and the ecology of drinking behavior. Alcohol Health & Research World 17(1):39–45

Alcoholism Cycle

BioPsychoSocial Perspectives

Use this tool to analyze the case from multiple perspectives.

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