Phase 2

Assess the Client System

In the assessment phase, the social worker's goals are:

1. Assess the strengths that a person possesses as well as the problems

It is the client and environmental strengths that are ultimately called into play to remove barriers to achieving the goal.

2. Assess the environmental context of the client

Research the environmental context of the client--the formal and informal resources for the family, community, and state. Leave room for modification, in recognition of the fact that situations change and things happen

3. Strive for transparency

Both the client and the worker should be “on the same page” when it comes to the purpose of the social work encounter, the goals that the client wants to work towards, and the methods for getting there.

4. Develop a plan for changing that which the social worker and client system agree needs changing

In the form of personalized short-and long-term goals and options that can serve as alternatives in the event of encountered obstacles.

My Assess Tasks

Task 1

Begin your assessment (of one of the individual family members or the family as a whole) by reviewing the genogram tool. What additional information would be important to incorporate into the genogram, to make it most valuable for your work? What does a genogram add, and what insights might it miss—or obscure?

Task 2

Open the biopsychosocial perspectives tool. Note that the questions are both general knowledge and client-specific. Possession of this type of applicable knowledge is what makes you an effective professional. Consider these questions and make particular note of where your assessment is yet incomplete, as well as the sources of information that could help you round out this inquiry.

Task 3

Review the NASW Code of Ethics—the guidepost for all professional social work intervention. Consider where you might encounter particular ethical dilemmas and prepare now to approach those moments with a grounding in social work values and support from social work peers and mentors.

Mapping The Case

Begin assessing your client by reviewing and taking notes on the Sanchez genogram.

Mapping the case