Phase 2

Critical Thinking Questions

Answer the questions below.

To complete your assessment, review the case file in the Engage section; the Brickville Map. Then answer the questions below.

At the commuity level:

  • How can you learn about the informal power and resources in the Brickville community? What indicators would help you assess these dynamics?
  • Why is it important to assess a family's community connections when considering possible intervention approaches?
  • What does it mean to "empower" community members in relation to the redevelopment plan in Brickville?

At the family level:

  • How will you assess family strengths in this case?
  • What concepts from systems theory are useful in assessing this case?
  • How is the bio-psycho-social perspective used to assess this case?

Explore the Town

View locations of relevant formal and informal resources in Hudson City.

View Town Map

Your Quick Bio

You are a social worker who is living and working in Brickville, a low-income community faced with a development proposal that would dramatically change the community. You have been working for the Brickville Community Development Corporation (CDC) for three years. Your primary role is to: 1) facilitate a youth leadership development group. Your youth leadership group has an interest in community affairs, and occasionally undertakes a project that impacts the community. 2) provide assessment and referrals for job training and employment with youth and adults; 3) provide case management services for youth in community; and 4) facilitate a safety and security committee.

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