Phase 1

Critical Thinking Exercises

Complete the exercises below.

To complete your assessment, review the case file in the Engage section; the Brickville Map. Then answer the questions below.

  1. While you have been working in the community for a while at the Brickville Community Development Corporation, your contacts have been somewhat limited to youth and families. Your involvement in the redevelopment proposal may require you to interact with other institutions in the community, including private businesses, health care providers, local government, and educational institutions. Describe how you might approach other institutions to engage them and begin to build trust. How can you ensure youth leadership is centered in these efforts?
  2. Your work with the youth leadership group occurs on multiple levels—attending to the needs and goals of individual youth; navigating group dynamics, including conflicts related to different identities and perspectives; and interfacing with the larger environment. What social work skills will facilitate your effective engagement with each of these levels?
  3. What ethical issues do you foresee in this work with the youth leadership group, around the redevelopment effort? What guidance can you glean from the NASW Code of Ethics, to inform your navigation of these dilemmas?

Explore the Town

View locations of relevant formal and informal resources in Brickville.

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Your Quick Bio

You are a social worker who has been working for the Brickville Community Development Corporation (CDC) for three years. You facilitate a youth leadership development group, provide assessment and referrals for job training and employment, provide case management services, and convene a community safety committee.

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